Behind the Story The Goldfinch

Behind the Story of The Goldfinch, 2014

Inside, you’ll learn a little more about one of the most enigmatic novelists and their literary work today – Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. Like a “whisper from an alleyway,” Donna Tartt emerges every now and then to publish a novel, beckoning readers new and old to discover the world she’s created.

The Goldfinch has garnered much critical acclaim and success, but there is still so much we don’t know about the bestselling writer herself. Here, you can learn more about her life growing up, the influences of her writing career and how The Goldfinch came to life. You’ll learn about the “famous little painting” that haunted, inspired and motivated Tartt for decades and the growing black market of the art underworld, like a large creeping shadow that’s crippling art collectors throughout the world.

Enjoy it, love it and savor it, because Donna Tartt is that rare writer who only comes along once in a decade. Join us as we explore the story to take you backstage for a fresh look at The Goldfinch.

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